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She lobbied the board’s chair, Bob Dennison, to write a letter backing her lover’s bid for freedom — and O’Sullivan was paroled in 2013. Dennison admitted the union of an inmate and future parole board member was likely unprecedented — but said he met O’Sullivan in prison and, “(He) struck me a changed man.” Agostini stayed involved in the prison system until Cuomo appointed her in 2017 to the Parole Board, which last month drew fire for voting to release notorious cop killer Herman Bell . Cuomo’s office referred calls to the state Department of Corrections, which defended Agostini’s appointment to the Parole Board. “Tana Agostini was named to the New York State Board of Parole based on her extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system,” said the spokesman, Thomas Mailey. “To ignore her experience and attack her personal character… is shameless and patently offensive.” Her husband, O’Sullivan, is a walking reminder of New York’s Bad Old Days. He was sentenced to 25 years to life for the 1982 hired murder of a Queens drug dealer. He allegedly threatened an assistant district attorney during his 1984 sentencing. “On the way out, O’Sullivan made his hand into the shape of a gun and moved it as if he were shooting me. He said, ‘see you around,’” the prosecutor, Peter Dunne, told The Post in 1987. Normaul Busjit, a jewel thief and the dealer who hired O’Sullivan, was also sentenced to 25-to-life. The two, along with a third man, escaped from their Queens jail in March 1987 by crawling through 80 feet of duct and fashioning fire hoses and sheets into a rope to climb down the building’s façade from the sixth floor.

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